You Don’t Have to Beat the Orangutan
(You Just Have To Stay In the Cage for Five Minutes)
See, there was this carnival that came to town every summer when I was a kid.
The most talked-about attraction at this carnival, at least among us boys, was an orangutan—not one that we actually saw, mind you; it was really just the subject of a rumor.  But the rumor was, there was this orangutan, and it was kept in a cage, inside a tent, far from the carnival entrance…
…far from all the nice family-types who were out in the open air, enjoying the rides and games and cotton candy and all the usual great stuff…
Anyway, according to the rumor, the thing about this orangutan was that it
The way it worked was: if you were eighteen or older, and weighed at least a hundred and eighty pounds, you could go into the tent, put down five dollars, and then go into the cage with the orangutan, who would immediately start wrestling with you.
And if you could last five minutes in the cage with the orangutan, without getting pinned to the floor—you won a hundred dollars!
That was the rumor, anyway.
It’s a lot like the business world…
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